Montessori & Movement meet the French Immersion Classroom

August 13, 2021

Mid-July is the time during the summer when my “teacher brain” is starting to be back on. First, it always starts with a reflection over my past school year practice: what went not too badly, what needs to be changed, and what I want to see happening in my classroom this coming school year… Well the basic questions of an educator…
But, for the first time (would it be a pandemic effect?), even if it was consistently present in a corner of my brain, this question: how can I really be myself in the classroom? If I can’t be true to myself, how will I be able to be the best educator possible for my students?

This summer, I had the great opportunity to assist Kelsey Billiot, the owner and director of Breathe and Move studio, during her Summer Camp sessions. Sharing with her about education, seeing her interact with the “campers” comforted me in what are the essential components for a successful child’s education.
First, creating a safe and peaceful environment. Then, wakening and sustaining kids’ natural curiosity through what they know to do best: moving. And, with consistency, everything is organically falling in place:
-content acquisition through creative movement first and then into words
-development of sharing opinions followed by a smooth practice of critical thinking
- sharing in front of an audience which leads subtlety to respect one another

So seeing and experiencing this, week after week, with a different group of kids each time, is definitely comforting me, more than ever before, in using arts integration in my pedagogical approach on a daily basis this coming school year.