Happening in Class

December 9, 2021

There are whispers about how classrooms have changed. We hear teacher accounts, whether we accept them or not. We quietly question the environment and methods, but the information in contrary and overwhelming on a good day.

I’ve been in the front of some sort of classroom, trying to convince humans to love to move as much as I do since 2009.

I’ve taken incredible joy from using my work as a science experiment. What works? What challenges? What brings growth? I’ve documented my methods and improved over the years.

But there’s one thing all educators are saying.

The students have changed.

Full stop.

It hasn’t been easy on either side to meet in the middle, with the mental and physical strains on our bodies in this time.

But we’re all trying to push through without noting or taking action on what’s changed.

What’s getting left out?

🔸Social connection

🔸Critical thinking

🔸Freedom to move

🔸Room to make mistakes

So I put those things together, with my favorite art medium: dance.

I use the live feedback I encounter from students to form what we build on each week. I’m able to respond in real time and I’m allowing space to focus on less. Bringing a familiar weekly structure that follows the individual child and celebrates each win as a class. Creating a solid movement base to build artistic expression. 

Problem Solving

-Noticing when we’ve overcome something difficult

-Discussing frustration & resilience when it comes up

-Celebrating success & learning how to take feedback

Body Awareness

-Explaining personal space while respecting personal boundaries

-Exploring physical limits in relation to movement

-Feeling empowered through choreography & music

Self Expression

-Using abstract & concrete ideas to inspire composition

-Creativity to communicate through dance


-Building strength & focus through the class structure

-Learning vocabulary, artists, & technique

-Using the body as an instrument for art, expression, & wellness

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