Grow as an artist
through movement

Gain tools for a sustainable dance
practice with a Montessori approach.

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artist jumping

This Summer at the studio!

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a montessori approach

Cultivate a lifelong curiosity and love for dance.

You create a sustainable movement practice when you develop deep self awareness and curiosity that is not nurtured in a traditional setting.

With us, you’ll learn to draw inspiration from the world around you and nurture a unique relationship with your body and movement.

With a strong, self-aware foundation, you’ll draw on history and inspiration from great artists to add a fine arts flair.

Not sure whERE YOU FIT IN?

we believe in

movement for wellness


for strengthening, posture, and artistry.


for self expression, breaking the rules of ballet, and composition


for flexibility and mindfulness.

All of these nurture an artist long term and deepen their practice.

You will cultivate a love for the art while learning how to take care of your body and create stronger, more intuitive movement.

As a student, you will deepen your understanding, using STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) as inspiration. 

This gives you the tools and curiosity to engage with the world around you through dance.

Ready to start exploring your movement practice?

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Space Lafayette is a part of Breathe & Move

Space Lafayette is an artist collective created out of necessity for movement artists to come together and set choreography on trained, experienced dancers.

Kelsey Billiot

Kelsey Billiot studied performing arts with a dance concentration at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. (…)

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Sabrina Benazzouz

Grew up dancing, mostly in ballet, Sabrina had the opportunity to explore and experiment various ways of moving in her adult life, either in France or in Louisiana. (…)

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Natalie Kojis

With a passion for dance and a desire to educate others in the art form, Natalie Kojis began training at 15 years old. (…)

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